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We Welcome You To Experience Your Vision

down2earth Interior Design is a Philadelphia area design practice.

We believe that interior design can be sensible, practical, straightforward and unpretentious without compromising on beauty.


What an honor to be trusted with the design of your home or workplace. These are the spaces where you undertake your life’s work and create memories of beauty and value. I aim to prove to you that the designers here at down2earth interior design are worthy of your trust.


As interior designers, it’s our job to be good listeners. Great results begin with our gaining a clear understanding of your goals and vision. We pride ourselves on open communication and responsiveness. And in the end, we want you and your family to walk into your space and know that it is yours. We will be the invisible hand – the interpreters, the curators, the conduits to making your vision a reality.amy signature


I believe that the decisions made during the course of any interior design project provide countless opportunities to use natural and human resources wisely. I will help you adapt and rethink existing spaces so that they can be used more effectively, perhaps while rejuvenating existing furniture or salvaging architectural woodwork. At down2earth, my focus is to create healthy and productive environments for you. Together, we will consider the entire life-cycle of a product, not just short-term gain.


down2earth is client centered. A space is only sustainable if it works for you, the client. If your environment is hard to maintain, you will change it, and more resources will be unnecessarily consumed. In order for design to be considered sustainable, it must be consistent with your values. At down2earth, I provide practical, sensible design services within your budget so that your personal resources remain committed to your family and community.

Family Friendly

Do you have pets or kids? I do. I know about cats who knock down vases, dogs who shed, and kids who jump all over the sofa cushions and spill juice on carpets. I believe your home should be a worry-free environment where all are welcome. A home should feel like a home, not a pristine show place. down2earth Interior Design will help you create an environment that is low maintenance, so you have more energy to think about your family, your friends, your work, and the world around us.

Room for Cherished Objects

Do you have items that you cherish, but you have no idea how to fit them within with the style of your home? If it makes you feel good to be surrounded by objects that have sentimental value or were lovingly given as gifts, there’s almost always a way to display these without undermining your personal style. If you need assistance defining your personal style, down2earth Interior Design can help with that too – your home should be as unique as you.

Schematic Specialists

We achieve creativity by brainstorming together.   Our job is to understand your vision and throw ideas into the mix that would enhance that vision.  We then translate those ideas into documents you can use to collaborate with contractors or purchase product on your own.   


We recognize the importance of keeping the lines of communication between designer and client open, and we understand that no client is satisfied until the job is complete. Our work will be completed in the agreed-upon time table and will be of the highest quality.

down2earth Interior Design


down2earth Interior Design’s focus is to create healthy and productive environments for you.








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