Sunroom Progress, Part 2

Last time on the blog, we shared design inspiration that captures the color, joy and exuberance of those brilliant indoor/outdoor spaces you find in Mexico.

Read Part 1, Sunroom Inspiration here >

I used these as a jumping off point as I pull together an interior design scheme for my sunroom.

Since I have been using my sunroom so much more these days, it compels me to finally think about reupholstering the furniture, get a rug that is more than just a throw away, and commit to some art that lifts my spirits.   And so, the interior design dreaming has begun.   Using the images I shared in the earlier blogpost as a jumping off point, I pulled together some rudimentary moodboards so I can start wrapping my head around the color direction I want to pursue.   Believe it or not, I made 9 moodboards!   Once I started, I could not stop playing around with different color schemes.   Today, I’ll share with you my three favorites.

Option 1:  Deep Pink, Golds, and Teal

Sunroom Moodboard Inspiration

Moodboard 1 for sunroom makeover


Option 2: A scheme inspired by the turquoise and coral used in this table setting featured in Ceremony Magazine

Moodboard Inspiration 2

Image from Ceremony Magazine

Moodboard for Sunroom interior Design #2


Option 3:  Inspired by colors that are a little more primary, as featured in this sarape-based table setting from

Inspiration image from Make Me Elegant for Sunroom Interior Design

Image from Make Me Elegant

Which would you choose?  And would you undertake a design project that involves interior painting during a pandemic?  One nice feature about my sunroom is that it can be accessed directly from the outside of the house.   This means I can have painters in to help me out with some of the work without exposing them or my family to any COVID risk.  Painting the ceiling and some furniture that has seen better days are all on the wish list.  So for those of you who are nervous about these types of projects right now, think about whether you have any spaces you can seal off.

My furniture is actually too big to fit out of the doors (don’t ask me how it got in there in the first place.   It’s been in there at least 65 years, and we’ve speculated that it was there before the glass walls got put up).   So, my plan is to have the wicker repainted and the cushions remade, likely in a bold and sunny yellow.

You can see my penchant for black, white, and yellow here:

Keep It Classy, Black and White Blog Post >

Here Comes the Sun, Yellow Blog Post >

You can follow my furniture research on my pinterest board here >    And you can join Muttlida as she peeks in on the in-progress work (quite the mess).

Amy's In Progress Sunroom Interior Design Inspection by Mutilda

Amy's In Progress Sunroom Interior Design

Amy’s In Progress Sunroom Interior Design Plan Coming to Life!

Amy's In Progress Sunroom Interior Design Table

The gold dresser above was refinished by Wicked Pickle Revival.   It was originally trash picked and refinished by my mother and looked like this – click here  to reveal the before photo – quite a transformation!

We’ve also made some paint progress in the Sunroom Interior Design plan. We had the painter out and the ceiling has been painted Sherwin-Williams Waterfall.


In installment 3 of this blog series, I will reveal the winner and show you the products that we’re using to fulfill the vision, so stay tuned!

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