Hyndai Kona Electric Vehicle

Winner Updated: Amy’s New Electric Vehicle, Vote on the Plate

Ah, the life of an interior designer involves quite a bit of driving.   Visiting clients at their homes and offices, and shopping for tile, fabric or carpet puts on some miles.   Not to mention the paint kits and bags of materials I bring with me for consultations.    It’s time for me to get a new vehicle for Down2Earth Interior Design travel.  And this morning, I had the empowering experience of putting my money where my mouth is, environmentally speaking.  I put a deposit down on a Hyundai Kona EV.   The EV stands for Electric Vehicle, and I’m so excited to be able to free myself from fossil fuels.   I will have to install a charging station and get in the habit of charging nightly, but I’m confident I can get in the groove.

In order to celebrate my new environmentally-friendly purchase, and spread the word about my company’s green commitment, I am going to get a custom license plate, and that’s where I need your help.   The state of Pennsylvania will limit me to 7 characters.   DN2ERTH is already taken, but fortunately, I was car shopping with my friend Rachel, who is a linguist, and suggested DN2URTH.   Like it?

Or maybe the very simple D2E is more elegant:

Here’s another edition suggested by our team member, Maria:

Here’s where you come in.   Please cast your vote for one of the above….OR…..suggest your own!   Please do so in the comments below, and I will give serious consideration to each of the suggestions and also tally up the votes.   Tell your friends to vote or make suggestions too, if they are the word-smithy or environmentally conscious types.

And finally, feel free to scroll down to see photos of my new electric baby.

And below are some photos of the goofing around that Rachel and I did in a Mustang hotrod (not an electric vehicle, or even a hybrid, just a silly, stylish muscle car we felt compelled to sit in).

Will my black and white bathroom interior design have to wait now that I’ve made this major purchase?   Yes it will, but you can read about my bathroom dreams here >

And now…..please cast your license plate vote for my Hyundai Kona EV!   DW2URTH?   D2E?  D2E DSGN?  Something else green and memorable?    Comment below and thanks!



Thank you to all who voted!

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