Blooming Styles in Interior Design, pt. 2: Summer Florals

Summer is finally here and to continue from our last blog post about blooming styles, (check out our bold floral post) the down2earth interior design team found some inspiring summer floral pieces that would be great additions to an interior design plan.

What is better in a reading nook then a hanging pendant light? Maria, our operations manager, has been rather obsessed with the capiz flower pendant light from West Elm for months now. The shells also reflect light and create a sense of glamour. These lights in particular have a little more of a straight edge that makes them a bit more modern and a little less feminine than other capiz flower pendant lights out on the market now.



It’s also fun to check out kids’ shops for decorating finds. Just because it says kids doesn’t mean we can’t all use them! Take, for example, the flower pop chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids. Sure, it would look amazing in a little girl’s room or nursery but it could also be used in a pair for a dining room. Or even if you were looking for some whimsy in your laundry room this could work!



And while we are talking about Pottery Barn Kids, lets also consider these stunning crepe paper flowers. Again, they would be amazing in a nursery but can you also imagine working them into your formal living room interior design? Or how about that wall in the guest room that you just can’t seem to find the right artwork for? The flowers are so visually stunning and the colors are quite muted, so these could work in many different décor schemes.



Intricate, floral, and simply gorgeous, this lotus bedframe would work great in a bedroom with either a bold wall color or in an all white room. It depends on the look you are going for but it’s interesting to see how one unique piece can work into different interior design layouts. This bedframe will be stand-out piece in any type of room, but can lend itself to many different moods. You can learn more about the Anthropologie lotus bed (and see more pictures!).




Note: This above image from Anthropologie shows the lotus bed along with a capiz pendant light! 


Finally, looking to weave florals into your home décor but in a subtle way? The Laura Ashley hydrangea flower hooks have a delicate, airy feel to them. They would work wonderfully in an entryway, laundry room, bathroom or bedroom.



Summer, we welcome you and the beautiful interior design elements that celebrate the season… Have a question about the choices in this post? Leave it in the comment below!

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