Celebrating Winter Solstice

As the winter solstice is upon us we thought it would be fun to have a look at five great ideas for lighting.   Lighting can add drama to a room, warm it up and serves an important purpose (it allows us to see in the dark!).

Did you know you can upcycle vintage treasures and turn them into a gorgeous chandelier? If you collect crystal decanters or are at a flea market and find a treasure trove of them you can turn them into a beautiful work of art. You simply need a pendant light kit for each decanter and a little imagination, along with your electrician on speed dial!


And if you are digging the DIY lighting there are so many ideas out there but this one really has a place hanging in an office or above a desk. It’s a thrifty way to repurpose an no longer used globe while really adding some character and color to a space.


Sometimes, it’s the inspiration that leads to finding the perfect piece. People have rooms in their home dedicated to creating, practicing and honing musical talents. Others just really love music and some just find this lighting to be interesting. Here we share with you a trombone inspired chandelier that is so unique and beautiful!


Floral elements really help bring the outdoors inside and this lotus flower capiz pendant is one of my personal favorites this year. You can have a single one or group a series of them together depending on the amount of lighting, how much space there is, and what the overall style calls for. No matter what this floral pendant adds a bit of glamour and beauty.


I have learned from the very talented design team a down2earth design that design elements must have a purpose. When I saw this flexible dining room chandelier by Matthias Decker from Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, I instantly thought that this light was the design principle personified! It adjusts to meet the needs of how the room is being used, not to mention its LED.


Hope you enjoyed taking a look at our design teams favorite lighting ideas. You can see more great ideas over on our Pinterst Board: https://www.pinterest.com/d2edesign/lighting-favorite-ideas/


Enjoy the winter’s solstice, it may be the shortest day of light this year but it means that days filled with more light are on their way!






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