Children deserve to sit in style, Top 5 Chairs for kids

Just because children do not stay small forever does not mean they do not deserve to grow up in style. When designing a space for children you want to make sure it is comfortable for the children but also aesthetically pleasing for the adults.

 The best way to accomplish this is with stylish, timeless designs, such as those by Charles Eames.


Charles Eames is a mid century modern architect, and like many others, he designed everything in his buildings down to the accents on the bookcase. Charles and his wife Ray mastered the art of molding fiberglass and plywood, a practice that dates back to Michael Thonet in the 1800s. The sleek, iconic chairs have clean lines and come in a variety of colors and base options.


Other mid century modern architects and designers experimented with molding fiberglass and plywood like Eames. Verner Panton’s Vitra chair is made entirely from molded fiberglass making it lightweight and easily stackable. Panton’s children’s chair also comes in many colors perfect for a children’s space.


If you are looking for a children’s chair that is on the traditional side, but with a twist, the Ghost chair may be for you. Designed by Philippe Starck, this modern play on the traditional Louis Chair is prefect for a classy children’s room. The classic chair is sold is clear as well as transparent colors.KidChair4

If fiberglass is not your thing and you prefer natural material, Benjamin Cherner’s children’s chair may be for you. Instead of fiberglass, Cherner bent plywood to make these stylish chairs.


Finally, Land of Nod carries a fun durable, hand-woven rattan chair that comes in blue and pink. The fun back design adds interest and texture to your children’s space.



I hope these stylish children’s chairs have inspired you to take the extra leap in making your children’s space unique and timeless.


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