governor's residence - down2earth interior design - jillian and amy in front of the residence

Designers’ Commitment to Pennsylvania and the Planet

We have some exciting breaking news here at down2earth interior design! D2E Founder and Design Director Amy Cuker and D2E design consultant Jillian Moskovitz have been named to the Governor’s Residence Preservation Committee in Pennsylvania. To say that this is an honor is an understatement, and we could not be more thrilled to contribute to this meaningful endeavor.

governor's residence - down2earth interior design - iron gates at the entrance to the residence

Iron gates welcome visitors to the residence.

Governor Josh Shapiro and First Lady of Pennsylvania Lori Shapiro believe the Governor’s Residence should be a vehicle to showcase not just the history of the state, but also the vitality of Pennsylvania today. Though the home does not go back centuries, its architecture and interiors aim to capture elements of Pennsylvania’s history, as well as its current flavor.

governor's residence - down2earth interior design - window boxes

Window boxes adorn the residence.

Great interior design begins with a strong grasp of how a building is used, whether it’s a place for work, public gatherings, or as a family home. In the case of the Governor’s Residence, the building serves all three functions.

governor's residence - down2earth interior design - amy and jillian sit in the Erie Room

Amy and Jillian sit in the Erie Room.

Amy and Jillian are very excited to help make the home function well for current residents and be a warm welcoming space that engages with visitors.

Our interest in the greater good isn’t limited to Pennsylvania, of course. In our work of designing stylish spaces that makes houses feel like homes, we always strive to do right by the planet we inhabit. We look to the larger world as a guide for best design practices, keeping sustainability at the forefront of our minds.

governor's residence - down2earth interior design - carbon 180 mission statement

To the end, down2earth interior design has donated to Carbon 180 on behalf of our wonderful clients. Carbon 180’s mission is to reduce two centuries’ worth of carbon emissions by cultivating a network of scientists and experts in business and policy, who can bring the best ideas to fruition. By doing so, energy costs can be reduced, all while protecting high labor and environmental standards. At a time when public agricultural research is declining carbon 180 supports research around soil carbon so that farmers and ranchers can have data backed tools to take the plunge and implement soil carbon practices. When soil has enough organic matter in it this reduces erosion which leads to improved water quality, “increased food security and decreased negative impacts to ecosystems”.

In the spirit of sustainability, if you see Amy driving around in her electric vehicle with her D2E Design license plate, please honk and say hello!

governor's residence - down2earth interior design - amy's electric car

Amy’s electric car with custom D2E license plate.

As always, we’d love to hear about your design aspirations, and whether you’d like to apply a sustainable approach to those goals. Complete our Client Contact Form and we will be in touch!

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