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Down2Earth Interior Design Expands West

If you’ve followed along with our blog throughout the years, you know that our design consultant Stephanie Ebner loves the great outdoors and adventure! To that end, she recently made the decision to move to Phoenix, Arizona, after falling in love with the area years ago. Here, Stephanie shares what brought her to this decision:

In 2013, I participated in a cross-country cycling trip to raise funds and awareness for affordable housing with an organization called Bike & Build. We started in Providence, RI and biked all the way to Half Moon Bay, CA. Along the way we volunteered with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and helped in building homes across the US.

down2earth Interior Design - down 2 earth expands west - bike trip

Stephanie in Half Moon Bay, CA.

It was my first time out west and, as a nature lover, I very quickly fell in love with the outdoor scene the west had to offer. It was also the first time I learned about straw bale homes. Straw bale homes are a type of sustainable housing that utilize bales of straw as insulation that are tightly packed and covered with a natural plaster, creating an energy-efficient and durable structure. Straw bale homes are commonly found in arid regions such as the American Southwest. What more could a nature loving, interior designer ask for?!

down2earth Interior Design - d2e expands west - straw bale homes

Photo: the Canelo Project

On June 6, 2013, I started my adventure to the west and, 10 years later, I’ll be starting a new adventure off the east coast by moving to the sunny state of Arizona! It wasn’t until I started writing this post that I realized; it will be exactly 10 years as my move-in date is June 6th. Can the stars be any more aligned?

Arizona is a beautiful state with a rich history and diverse cultural scene. As an interior designer, I am particularly drawn to the unique design styles and influences found in Arizona. From the natural landscapes to the cultural traditions, Arizona has a lot to offer in terms of design inspiration.

down2earth Interior Design - d2e expands west - Havasu Falls

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Ebner.

One of the things that I find most intriguing about Arizona is the way that the natural landscape has influenced the architecture and interior design of the region. The use of natural materials, such as adobe, stone, and wood, is common in the design of homes and buildings. The earthy tones and textures of these materials create a sense of warmth and comfort that is perfect for creating a cozy and inviting living space. If my obsession with houses made from the earth is not obvious already, check out my other blog post from my trip to Santorini where I talk more about this style of home and how it’s not only beautiful, but functional and sustainable for this type of climate.

In addition to the use of natural materials, Arizona’s natural beauty is often reflected in the design of art and decor. The vibrant colors and textures of the desert landscape are frequently incorporated into the design of textiles, ceramics, and artwork. The bold, geometric patterns and motifs found in Native American art and culture also play a significant role in the design of many homes and businesses throughout the region.

The art and culture scene in the Phoenix, AZ area is also a major draw for me. The city has a thriving arts district with numerous galleries, museums, and festivals. Murals, sculptures, and interactive art installations reflect the character of the city.

down2earth Interior Design - d2e expands west - Phoenix mural

Photo: azcentral.

From the unique design influences to the rich cultural scene and beautiful natural landscapes, I am excited to explore the region further and see how Arizona can inspire and enhance my own design work.

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    Beautiful!! Good luck out there!

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