Follow the sun, Yellow Bathroom Design Inspiration

With daylight savings time upon us, and the days getting darker and colder, what could be more energizing than a yellow bathroom?   Walking into a bathroom the color of sunshine is great way to start each day.   Amy has been thinking a lot about yellow bathroom design lately and wants to share some of her interior design inspiration and sources with you.

This bathroom photo below started my obsession with yellow bathroom design.   The beauty of this tile is that it appears to be a soft, hand-painted finish, almost reminiscent of watercolor paintings.

The image above is from modwalls, where you can find kiln ceramic subway tiles in 103 colors.   Which color is this?  I’m thinking zest, goldfish, or saffron.   Samples of all three are on their way!

Other contenders in the yellow ceramic market include:

Fireclay tile.   I love that the body of their ceramic tile is recycled.   My favorite hue is Tuolumme Meadows, but the daffodil and lemon cream could be nice options for a sunny bathroom as well.

The Stellar ceramic series from Sonoma comes in a million shapes, which you can mix and match with a million colors.   I’m checking out samples in Queen Bee and Limone in a crackle finish.


How about Nemo Tile’s Casablanca Collection?

I’ve been admiring Heath Ceramic’s commitment to being a zero waste production facility, and was hoping to incorporate their tile into an upcoming project.   They have a great yellow, but you have to be comfortable with a uniform finish – this particular colorway only comes in a matte finish that lacks the hand-painted qualities of some of the others.

If you’re intrigued by some more interesting shapes, how about Pratt and Larson’s In Line H Tile?


Wayfair offers a Bedrosian’s tile, which is an elongated hex as well:



Or maybe a Mexican hand-painted folk tile from Etsy?   I think my son would enjoy the day of the dead vibe. View Source >



But let’s jump away from the yellow tile strategy for a moment.   There are lots of ways to incorporate yellow into the interior design of your bathroom without the very permanent commitment of tile.   Yellow pairs perfectly with a classic black and white interior design scheme.  How about yellow walls with a black tile in your bathroom?


How about a yellow vanity?


A yellow shower curtain?

Or even yellow wallpaper?   With wallpaper, though, just keep in mind that you want vinyl wallcovering, not actual paper if you will be steaming up the room.   Even with good ventilation, my paperhanger tells me he has never seen a wallpaper installation in a bathroom endure for the long haul.  For vinyl, try Phillip Jeffries or Spoonflower, which can print any of their designs on vinyl.

So be smart and strategic in how you apply this sunny color, but by all means, do embrace the yellow.   It will lift your mood during these cold days, and all year round!

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