Home Is Where Your Pets Are

Home Is Where Your Pets Are

Accommodating Your Pets In Style

When making your house a home, all of the dwellers should be considered, that includes interior design for our furry friends. For those who live with cats and dogs, making them feel at home is as important as your own comfort. There are a few creative ways to accommodate your pets in style.


Cat Friendly House Design in Japan. Source: Hauspanther

Some cat owners know that there are two types of cats, tree dwellers and bush dwellers. Tree dwellers like to perch high up, on bookcases or upper cabinets, while bush dwellers like to feel secure in a low hidden place.

If you have a cat that likes to perch high above the ground, adding wall-mount shelf steps would make your feline very happy.


Cat perch. Source: Hauspanther

Free floating shelves spaced properly can turn a plain wall into a playground for your cat. Select a wood finish that fits your interior design style or paint the shelves a bold color. Hardware such as metal pipe supports add an interesting material change. You can work with your home’s existing structural elements such has ceiling beams or niches to create a natural flow in the space.


Accomodating your pets in style with in door fun for cats! Source: TrendHunter

For bush dwelling cats, lower, hidden places are ideal. There are a handful of cat friendly coffee tables that have made it to the interior design marketplace. Designer T Ruan Hao at LYCS Architecture has designed a stunning coffee table that is perfect for you and your furry friend.


Cat Friendly Coffee Table. Home is where your pets are! Source: LYCS Architecture

Dogs also deserve a special place to call their own. Children’s teepees have been trending in the design world for a few months now. And now smaller versions are available for your pets. The teepees come in all sorts of patterns and add a focal point to your room. But they don’t just make a cute interior design element, they also give your pet the perfect place to nap.

Pet Teepee, accomodating your pets with style

Pet Teepee, accomodating your pets with style Source: Batpig & Me

Giving your special furry friend a spot to call their own will bring joy to them and also add   character to your space. A few touches can go along way for you and your pet since as we know, home is where your pets are.

How have you incorporated your pets into your interior design decisions?  Let us know in the comments below!

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