eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - copper tones on Taylor's bodysuit and wallpaper in a powder room

How to Bring Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Into Your Home Decor

If you were lucky enough to score Taylor Swift tickets for her Eras tour, or watched the movie version of the concert (or both!), you were no doubt amazed by the numerous costume changes, with each one more spectacular than the last. Here at D2E we love color and pattern and things with movement, and so does Taylor. Follow us on a journey of the eras and how the elements of her outfits can translate to captivating interiors!


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - red soles on Taylor's boots and red knobs on a Wolf stove

L: Photo by Kevin Mazur (Getty) R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

Nothing says you’re the boss like a silver blazer or a stainless fume hood. Note the red at the bottom of the boots or on the knobs of the Wolf stove for just that subtle hint of a power color. Even in small doses, red makes a statement.


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - gold dress and gold chandelier

L: Photo by Kevin Winter (Getty) R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

A Roberto Cavalli dress drapes beautifully and shimmers in a way not dissimilar to how a chandelier dresses a room. We love the warm gold tone and unusual lines in both of these images. These are the details that make this concept work so well!


eras tour decor - down to earth interior design - a burnt orange colored dress shown next to similarly colored drapes

L: Photo by Kevin Mazur (Getty) R: Photo by Paul Loftland

A full drape in rich warm colors is true for Taylor’s Etro dress, as well as the window treatments on the right. This was actually my favorite era in the concert, with a stunning witchy dance followed by a dining room scene that could have been straight out of a Broadway play. This look definitely brings drama, in the very best way.


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - taylor's pose is similar to that of the sculpture on the dresser

L: Photo by Tom Cooper (Getty) R: Photo by Paul Loftland

Black and slinky and asymmetrical. Taylor is strutting her stuff just like these bold black statues on our clients’ bedroom dresser. I hate snakes but I think this was my favorite outfit. Every home should have an unforgettable element, and this Roberto Cavalli fashion creation left a huge impression on me.

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eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - lavender dress and lavender girls bedroom

L: Photo by John Shearer/TAS23/Getty for TAS Rights Management R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

It’s no secret that purple is my favorite color. Among other qualities, purple is meant to represent creativity. It certainly does for Taylor; this moment screams artistry. We used lavender in this interior of a girl’s bedroom. The girl herself is a big reader and maybe a budding writer.  Even the pillow in the dreamy lavender bedroom interior speaks!


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - black and white on Taylor's costume and a client's shower

L: Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

So in addition to featuring lots of red, Taylor’s Red set was also black and white and bold all over. Kind of like this shower we designed for a primary bath in Center City. Oh, and the black and white tile was custom made by a company called RED Rock Tileworks. Feel free to ponder that if you don’t have “a lot going on at the moment.”


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - greenery embellishes Taylor's set and creates a natural barrier outside a row home

L: Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana R: Photo by Kyle Born

These row house residents own the adjacent lot and made it into a secret garden, featuring a green wall of succulents. A perfect place for Folklore dreaming. I personally thought the Folklore era dragged on waaay too long. Go ahead, accuse me of being a hater – I guess haters gotta hate hate hate hate hate hate.


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - Taylor's orange outfit looks similar to the wallpaper in this living room

L: Photo by Octavio Jones/TAS23/Getty R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

Yes, we know the 1989 costume was pink in the movie, and it’s made appearances in green and blue as well, but the fringes on the orange version had us thinking about heron plumage and fronds of leaves in the amazing House of Hackney wallpaper we used in a Doylestown living room.


eras tour decor - down2earth interior design - painted flowers embellish Taylor's piano and a coffee table

L: Photo from Pinterest R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

Forget the dress for a minute, can we talk about all the flowers painted on the piano? Embroidering colorful natural elements is a long standing tradition of the Otomi (people from central Mexico). My mom painted my coffee table in our Mexico inspired sunroom with Otomi-like patterns, and Taylor’s instrument seems to be following suit.


eras tour decor - blue lace outfit and blue Persian plates on wall

L: Photo by Ethan Miller/TAS23/Getty R: Photo by Rebecca McAlpin

We would say this Persian-inspired dining room is giving Midnight. The patterns on the wall-mounted plates resemble the intricacies of the lace on Taylor’s Oscar de la Renta bodysuit, and the blue paint adds a layer of mystery.

We’d absolutely love to know what your favorite era is…whether it’s for the outfit or the interior design. Leave a comment below and share this with the Swifties in your life! If you’ve ever wracked your brain for a color concept for a room, think of a favorite piece of clothing, and you just might find the inspiration you need. Better yet, reach out to us to tell us more about your design hopes and dreams!

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