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Inside Look at Team d2e

Today we kick off a new series on our blog, about what it’s like to work for down2earth interior design.  Usually our blog posts are geared towards presenting our design work or providing design tips.   But one key to serving our clients well is having a phenomenal team of design consultants.  So we thought you’d like to get to know our team a little better.

The down2earth interior design team | Elkins Park, PA

Left to right: Arielle Davis, Jaci Chirchirillo, Amy Cuker, Jillian Moskovitz, Tara Kingsley, and Stephanie Ebner.
Photo: Rebecca McAlpin

The first thing to know is that we are a team of creative, independent, and trustworthy designers and design enthusiasts.  Here at d2e, we enjoy autonomy when it comes to expressing creativity in our work and in our lives.  The flexibility we offer our d2e team members attracts independent design professionals who value work/life balance.   We are creative people who want to contribute our valuable experience and skills to enhance our clients’ vision while striving for balance with other life goals, whether that’s family, travel, or hobbies, volunteering, a commitment to the environment, or lifelong learning.


If you’re a designer out there, with formal training in interior design, architecture, or construction management, and you’re reading this post and thinking, “I’d really like to work for a company like that,” then we’d love for you to reach out to us at

Tara, Amy, Jaci and Jillian of d2e interior design | Elkins Park, PA

Tara, Amy, Jaci and Jillian of down2earth interior design.
Photo: Rebecca McAlpin


We’ve updated our “who we are” page of our website, so head on over there to learn a little bit about each of our team members.

Jaci and Amy of down2earth interior design | Elkins Park, PA

Photo: Rebecca McAlpin


In addition, over the next couple of months, we’ll be rolling out our “Tea with Tara” series.   Tara Kingsley, our new operations manager, will sit down for a cup of tea with each member of the down2earth design team.   Through this series, they’ll share what they enjoy about interior design and maybe some other tidbits you didn’t know about the design consultant you’ve been working with!

Flowers and teacup with sauce at The Coffee Room | Newtown, PA

The Coffee Room in Newtown, PA
Photo: Laura Pedrick

We’re thrilled to share some images from our recent photoshoot here and hope you’ll join us for each installment of our ‘Tea with Tara’ design interview series.   Stay tuned!   And please tell us in the comments below what you loved about working with your d2e design consultant.

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