Kids Decor Trends

So often, we enter a new year with an eagerness to see what trends will emerge, and how they will shape our lives. And while kids’ rooms tend to be more inherently personal, and less reflective of trends than their adult counterparts, there is no doubt that we are seeing some themes emerge. It’s all about the outdoors, with an emphasis on green, nature, and sky. Perhaps the need for us all to hunker down more at home these past two years has created a demand for more outside on in the inside. Or perhaps it’s inborn, this desire to connect with nature? (Google ‘biophilia’, for some food for thought.) Either way, it’s a refreshing interior design concept and a poignant reminder of why embracing sustainability is one of down2earth’s core principles.

Here we explore five options for your child’s personal space.


Who doesn’t love stars? They evoke feelings of wonder and are worthy of our wishes. I have fond memories of glow in the dark star shaped stickers adorning my walls as a kid. I’m sure my mother felt differently. Thankfully, there are any number of ways you can incorporate this theme into your child’s décor, that don’t involve unforgiving adhesive.

Star themed chair, area rug and sheer curtain panel

Clockwise L to R: navy scattered stars glow in the dark anywhere chair (Pottery Barn Kids), starry skies rug (West Elm Kids), Twinkle Twinkle sheer by Christopher Corr (Villa Nova)


If daydreaming is more to your liking, what better to gaze at than blue skies and fluffy clouds? How comforting to know that you can have always have good weather, regardless of what Mother Nature has in store.

Sky and cloud themed bedding, rug and wallpaper

Clockwise L to R: Spotted Sky Duvet (Annie Selke), Le Weekend D’Honorine wallpaper (Pierre Frey), recycled clouds washable rug (The Tot)


A fascinating array of color in the most cheerful package. Where there are rainbows, surely there are other treasures. From the standard ROYGBIV shades to a range of muted hues, it’s the variety that makes this design scheme sing. If choosing a limited palette isn’t for you, look to the rainbow!

Rain shaped lamp, yarn wall art and upholstered headboard

Clockwise L to R: rainbow dual light lamp (Target), rainbow yarn wall art (RH Baby & Child), Isla rainbow headboard (Maisonette)


Take me to a land far away, you say. A jungle is nature at its finest, replete with exotic animals and juicy tones of pink, red, orange and yellow. The options are unlimited. Let your imagination go wild! (wink)

Jungle themed wallpaper, crib sheet andtoucan wall hanging

Clockwise L to R: Jungle Jumbler wall stickers by Frann Preston Gannon (Villa Nova), Curious Toucan wall décor (Crate & Barrel), crib sheet (Brooklinen)


Something of fairytales, a woodland design scheme brings the magic indoors with dreamy tones, punctuated by shades of green. Friendly critters and earthy elements transform a room into a happy place, befitting any child.

Rug with animals and trees, wallpaper and alphabet chart

L to R: Le Fauve Power Loomed Rug in blush (Rifle Paper Co.), Woodland wallpaper (Schumacher), alphabet poster (Early Bird Print Co. on Etsy)

Did you have a nature themed room back in the day, or perhaps you’ve created a similar space for your own child? Share in the comments below!

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