Project Spotlight: Yorkshire Way, Part 2

All designers treasure long-term relationships with favorite clients.  Because one such Down2Earth Interior Design client is organizational wiz and energetic business woman Carrie Kauffman of Carrie’s Essential Services, the rewards have been fruitful and far-reaching.   Not only have we collaborated on almost every room in her home (and in 2020, we will finally have redesigned every room), but we have supported each other as female business owners learning the ropes and managing the work/life dance.   So I guess it should be no surprise that even our headshots wound up so similar!

Carrie Kauffmann of Carrie’s Essential Services and Amy Cuker of down2earth interior design

In our previous blog story on this project, we featured the master bedroom and bathroom.   Today, we’ll focus in on the closet and mudroom.    Clever storage ideas are in abundance in this home, and that should be no surprise given that Carrie Kauffman is the professional organizer behind Carrie’s Essential Services and the moderator and founder of the popular facebook forum Getting Organized on the Main Line.   In her own home, nothing is more important to Carrie than getting storage right.   In Carrie’s own words, “being disorganized is a constant drain on your time, money, energy, sanity.   It can make you feel like you’re out of control and like you’re gasping for breath.   On the other hand, if you know where your stuff is, you can move forward without skipping a beat and minimize unwelcome surprises.”

In order for the Kauffmans to never skip a beat, the Down2Earth Interior Design team worked with Carrie to design a gorgeous new custom closet, complete with an island and chandelier.

The top of the island is made from black walnut to match the beautiful custom-made nightstands and console in the master bedroom.

See more about Carrie’s master bedroom in our previous blog post>

Clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories each have their own custom-designed spot!

The Down2Earth team also helped design a mudroom/laundry room to keep her family organized when they come and go.   With one cubby for each of the kids and one cubby for mom and dad, there’s a designated spot for bags, coats, and hats.


A little punch of color can’t hurt, so we used Sherwin Williams “Blue Lagoon” on the door for that extra pop.   The backs of the cubbies are a toned down color, called “Agua Fria,” also by Sherwin Williams.  Accessory shopping done at Homegoods and TJMaxx for the decorative items that spruce up the walls.

The result?   Well, in Carrie’s words: “This look is just what we wanted.   I’m so happy that you’ve been able to help us with our home.   We could not have done this without you.”


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Thank you to Kylene Cleaver, whose photographs are featured in this post.


UPDATE: September 13, 2020 Carrie’s Home was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Sunday Edition Haven section.  Check it out > 

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