Recent News: Vibia’s Trends for 2018 from Amy’s Perspective

With the new year still fresh, the design industry is all about predicting interior design trends for 2018 right about now.   Part of our philosophy here at Down2earth Interior Design is that timeless design is sustainable design, and we’re not about latching on to something trendy that won’t last.   That said, some trends in the marketplace actually reflect technological advances or a pervasive psychological mood more widely evident in our culture.   These are the kinds of trends, or developments, that we very much need to be aware of to be great at our work.

Amy has recently been asked by a couple of companies to weigh in where interior design is heading in 2018.   In part one of this series, Amy was interviewed by lighting manufacturer Vibia.   The wide ranging discussion covered the deep, rich, enveloping “colors of the year,” as well as advances in wallpaper.   When it comes to lighting, Amy discusses the timelessness of strong, organic shapes, and advances in sustainability and energy consumption.

Amy used a current project she’s working on as a case study for this discussion.   The project is a specialty veterinary clinic here in Pennsylvania. The interior environment has the power to improve comfort for patients and caregivers, and efficiency for workers.   It also has an important role to play in communicating an organization’s brand.   In this case, the hospital is on the cutting edge of veterinary technology, but also treats every patient with warmth and a personal touch. Our design proposal for the lobby includes smaller neighborhoods within the larger space, for intimacy during what might be a very difficult time for pets and their owners.   We will likely be using some lighting in bold shapes and colors in deep hues, as mentioned above. Through these gestures, along with warm woods and good ergonomics, the interior environment will convey and underscore the warmth with which the staff has always treated its patients and their owners.

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