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Screen Gems: Favorite Interiors in Movies and Television

It goes without saying that all of us here at down2earth Interior Design are inspired by interiors every day. And when we kick up our feet to enjoy some screen time and relaxation, it’s no different. To that end, we’ve put together a collection of some of our favorite “screen gems” for their aesthetic qualities. We hope we can inspire you too!

AMY CUKER, Founder and Design Director

Damn Yankees

If you know only two things about me, it’s likely that those two facts are that I love purple and musical theater. So how could I resist nominating Lola’s apartment from Damn Yankees as a favorite interior on the screen? Honestly, I could live without the swan motif around the bed. But the colors are so rich and a little devilish, just like Gwen Verdon’s character of Lola.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a purple room with a swan shaped headboard in the movie Damn Yankees

Screen shots from Blu-ray.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a purple room in the movie Damn Yankees

Something’s Gotta Give

As soon as I heard the term “coastal grandma,” a fully formed picture of Diane Keaton in her Hamptons house in Something’s Gotta Give jumped to mind. The white shaker kitchen with soapstone counters and black cup pulls appeared in this movie in 2003 and spawned a bazillion copycats. We are still, to this day, designing kitchens here at d2e that feature many of these elements, and I would argue that is because they are timeless. The timelessness and warmth of Nancy Meyers film interiors have made her a design icon.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - the living room in the film Something's Gotta Give

inteiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a Hamptons house in the movie Something's Gotta Give


Jillian Moskovitz, Design Consultant

27 Dresses

I always loved the pale blue sofa set against dark sage walls with white trim. Tile in the entryway and the french doors leading to the bedroom add to the look.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a scene featuring the pale blue sofa in 27 Dresses

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - views of the tiled apartment entrance and the bedroom french doors

Photos: Top and Bottom Left Verbenas Simple Living, Bottom, Blue Door Designer

Home Again

I love the house from the romantic comedy, Home Again. The entire home is lovely, but my favorite part is the backyard. The dining table is simple yet inviting and looks lovely during the day or all lit up by candles and overhead globe lights at night. My favorite part, though, is the fireplace flanked by built-in seating. Seat cushions wrap around the area and are even directly in front of the fireplace. It’s a unique detail that I hadn’t ever seen before.

interiors on screen -down2earth interior design - candles light the table in front of the outdoor fireplace

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - benches flank an outdoor fireplace in the movie Home Again

Photos from Hooked on Houses

Stephanie Ebner, Design Consultant

Daisy Jones and the Six

Taking inspiration from the Fleetwood Mac saga, “Daisy Jones & The Six” unfolds across the period from 1961 to 1977. One interior space within the show is Teddy Price’s residence, portraying the home of a record producer. Drawing influence from the inspiration for his character, Quincy Jones and his LA home, the space is an authentic and tasteful representation of 1970s-style home. The set designers carefully curated the ambiance with unique furniture pieces and iconic mid-century lamps, infusing every element with distinctive character and embodying the spirit of the era.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - lounge

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - dining area

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - living room

Photos from SDSA


No Time to Die

In “No Time to Die,” the Jamaica house serves as Bond’s retirement retreat, but it ultimately becomes a focal point for pivotal events in the movie, linking his personal life to the larger mission. The architectural charm of the house lies in its open-air concept with large wooden louvered doors that open to the lush tropical scenery outside. The set design blends iconic furniture pieces like Italian architect Lina Bo Bardi’s Tripe armchair and locally crafted furniture, achieving a comfortable and laid-back aesthetic while maintaining the feel that the space was curated by someone well-traveled.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a view of the water from the living room

interiors on film - down2earth interior design - a circular window in the living room

Tara Kingsley, Operations Manager

Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix)

I’m an Anglophile, so show me a beautiful townhouse in London’s Mayfair neighborhood and odds are that I’m going to be smitten. The Whitehouse’s home is a glorious ode to wallpaper and feels so authentic, in my humble opinion, it amazes that we are looking at a set. This is in part thanks to the carefully selected heritage and antique pieces meant to convey generations of wealth and privilege. Basically, it looks legit. And the riveting story line doesn’t hurt, either. As for that wallpaper, it’s not just pretty, but also key in reinforcing the narrative of the series.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - woodsy wallpaper in the kitchen

interiors on screen - down2erath interior design - patterned wallpaper and elaborate fireplace mantel

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - living room with chandelier and piano

Photos from Elements of Style


The Age of Adaline

Foxglove Cottage in Langley, BC is not only featured in this film, but others, including The Intruder. It has also been seen in numerous series. While I preferred The Age of Adaline, and it was my introduction to this enchanting cottage, I do think the stills from The Intruder show the house to greater effect, so I’m going to feature them in this post. The grand property entrance is the very definition of charm. I’ve read that the color of the shutters has occasionally changed, from production to production, but otherwise it always looks the same. A room that particularly spoke to me is the kitchen. I’ll never not love a white kitchen, and this one, with the arched entrances and Aga cooker makes me swoon. Another memorable detail, the ironwork on the railings of the second-floor landing, is befitting this timeless home. That’s a hint to the plot of the film The Age of Adaline (wink-wink).

interiors on screen - down2erath interior design - iron railingss on the second floor landing

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - views of the arched entrances to the kitchen

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - the front of the ivy covered cottage

Photos from Hooked on Houses

Avigail Cohen Sorek

The Gilmore Girls

I chose two interiors, both from the Gilmore Girls.

Emily Gilmore’s home is the epitome of refined elegance. The grandeur of her living room, adorned with antique furniture and classic decor, speaks to a more traditional sense of style. As an interior designer, I admire the meticulous attention to detail, from ornate chandeliers to carefully curated art pieces, showcasing a timeless sophistication.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a formal living room with paintings and wall sconces

Photo from Hooked on Houses.

How to get Emily’s Elegance in your home?
1. Embrace a color palette with muted tones such as creams, soft blues, and antique whites for a sophisticated look.
2. Invest in antique or classic furniture pieces with intricate details and craftsmanship. Look for timeless pieces that exude sophistication and pair them with high-quality upholstery for a touch of luxury.
3. Pay attention to the details in your decor. Use fine china, crystal glassware, and elegant table settings to elevate your dining area. Incorporate art and decorative pieces that reflect a refined taste, such as framed classical art or sculptures.
4. Strive for Formality: Arrange your furniture in formal seating arrangements to create a sense of order and sophistication. Invest in quality window treatments, such as drapes or curtains, to add a touch of grandeur to your living spaces.

Contrasting with Emily’s classical and traditional style is Lorelai Gilmore’s bohemian home. This charming space is a haven filled with warmth and character, featuring mismatched furniture and vintage finds that give a cozy, lived-in feel.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a cozy and casual home with yellow walls

Photo from Pinterest.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a living room with slipcovered sofa and quilt hung on the wall

Photo from Pinterest.

How to make your interior as cozy as Lorelai’s:
1. Mix and match furniture pieces for an eclectic look. Incorporate vintage finds and comfortable, well loved items. Use throw blankets, pillows, and cushions in various patterns and textures to create a cozy, inviting atmosphere.
2. Display framed photographs, artwork, and mementos that tell your own story and add a personal touch to the space. Consider DIY projects or handmade items that contribute to the lived-in feel of the room.
3. Opt for casual and bohemian decor elements, such as woven rugs, floor cushions, and natural materials like wood and jute. Choose decor items that evoke a sense of nostalgia and comfort.

You can also comb the internet for more updated takes on Lorelai’s decor, like the interior shown here.

interiors on screen - down2earth interior design - a modern take on Loreilei's home

Photo from apartment therapy.

We’d love to hear from you. What films or show’s interiors have made you pause, rewind, and watch again? Leave a comment below! Our clients’ inspirational images are a critical part of the preliminary phase of a design. Bookmark your favorites and reach out to us to learn more about what we do to make your homes feel as good to live in as they look. Complete our client contact form and we will be in touch to learn more about your design dreams!

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