Cuddle up: Couch Buying Guide

Snuggle up: Couch Guide

In honor of Valentine’s Day and the possibility that you may snuggle up with a loved one on your sofa to take in a movie, gaze at the fire place or take a nap, we are taking a look at the process of buying a sofa. The sofa is one of the big purchases that you make for your home. There are so many styles and patterns, it’s hard to know where to begin.

First of all, to be clear, we will be using the terms ‘sofa’ and ‘couch’ interchangeably, as do the good folks at Elle Décor.  While many of us in the industry use the word sofa exclusively, let’s get real: the word couch connotes more comfort.   As Kelsey Kloss notes in her Elle Décor piece, “Basically, your pets and kids like couches a lot better than sofas.”

The first step in the selection process is to know the room you want the sofa to go in.  Is it for a high traffic family room that will see dirty shoes, pets and food make its way onto the surface at some point? Or is it in a rarely used formal space? Perhaps it’s a statement piece that will go in your bedroom?  Maybe you are looking for a couch in the kids play/lounge space. Knowing how the sofa will be used will help inform the next series of design decisions in order to find the couch that is right for you.

Cozy Living room Sofa
Cozy Living room Sofa from Modern Sofas

Formal Living, the Gigi Sofa by Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams
Modern Sofas showing off ideas for couches in the bedroom
Cuddle Right Up! This Modern Sofas beauty is very inviting.
Teen Hangout from Pottery Barn’s PBTEEN

Martha Stewart Living put together a comprehensive buying guide that we’re pretty fond of.   To view click here. It begins with the importance of choosing a style, which would be step two in our process. There are many styles of sofas; some are more on trend and others are a traditional style. Here, we’ve noted a couple of styles:

Once style is selected, now the fun of picking the fabric begins. Going back to the beginning of this post, it is important to understand where the sofa is going and how it is going to be used. For that high traffic area you may want to consider a performance fabric that will hold up to all that use. If it is a statement piece, you may want to select a pattern.  Do you prefer the touch of a Belgian linen or a soft velvet?  These are all the decisions that need to be made, and the folks at down2earth interior design can help you with the selection process if your head is starting to spin!

Interior Define allows you to customize your sofa fabric choices and finishes. 
House of Hackney delivers up some serious prints for a truly signature piece of furniture (or wall).

You now know what style of sofa you want but, but will it fit? It is very important to both measure the space where the sofa will go and get the measurements of the sofa itself to ensure it will fit before you order it.  If there are any tight doorways or stairs, make sure the sofa can pass through those as well.  There are quite a few shops online now that are selling quality furniture but there are few locations where you can go to sit on and check out the construction of the sofa itself.  Some people can read reviews, do the research and make the order sight unseen.  Others must go to see it. If you are a person who needs to go ‘kick the tires’ so to speak, make sure you find a couch with a local showroom or store.

Anthropologie has a large furniture section at the King of Prussia Mall.

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams also have a store at the King of Prussia Mall with Bloomingdales carrying their furniture in stores in the greater Philadelphia area.

These red sofas are from West Elm and used in a Fairmount rowhouse for one of Amy’s clients.  West Elm is popular choice that also has stores both in Center City Philadelphia and at King of Prussia, click here to view their sofa collections.

We hope our suggestions have helped inspire some quality cuddle time on your sofa, either in the near future or whenever the couch of your dreams winds up in your home. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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