down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - chest of drawers painted yellow

Spring Refresh: 7 Ways to Update the Furniture You Already Have

Spring is officially here and while you’re doing some spring cleaning you might be looking to give your space a little update. One of Down2Earth’s favorite interior design philosophies is to shop the house first. We love incorporating our clients’ existing furniture, as these pieces add character and personal style to the space. Often, these are quality pieces that just need a little TLC, so why not make use of them? Modifying furniture you already own can be a great (and sustainable) way to freshen up your space. We’ve outlined some simple ways to give your old furniture new purpose.

1. Paint or Restain

Whether it’s your walls or a piece of furniture, a new coat of paint can be a simple way to transform a space. Try a pop of color or a neutral to add some contrast, like in the example below. Or, don’t be afraid to strip off the paint and bring back to life an original wood finish! One of the trends we are seeing is to bring back more rich tones of wood.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - stained and painted nightstands

Check out Amy’s sunroom makeover for some great examples of how she repainted furniture for a big splash of color.

2. Reupholster

Reupholstering can really transform a piece of furniture. Fabric allows us to bring in a new pattern, color, or texture to a room. Reupholstering an accent chair in a fun fabric, or even doing something as simple as swapping out your dining room chair fabric can make a difference in the interior design of your space.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - wood chairs with white and black upholstered cushions

3. Update the Hardware

This might be the easiest one of all. Hardware is the jewelry of our furniture. Switch to something sleek and simple for a modern look or to something with a little more detail for an eclectic style. (Bonus: think about this for your kitchen too!)
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - nightstands with black knobs and silver pulls

4. Swap out the Legs

Another simple update is replacing the legs of your furniture, which can make a piece feel more sophisticated.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - sideboard with legs in black or gold

5. Add Wallpaper

Similar to fabric, there are so many fun and color wallpaper options. Try wallpapering the back of a bookcase or drawer fronts of a chest to add some color and pattern to your space’s interior decor.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - bookcase with black floral wallpaper behind shelves

6. Rethink its Use or Location

Rethinking how you are using your furniture or where you are using it can be an easy way to refresh your space. In our Sterling Road kitchen remodel, Amy repurposed a trunk the client already owned that was being use is in another room to create a cozy bench nook in the dining room area.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - chest repurposed as a bench seat

7. Update the Frame

Artwork is so personal and we love when clients have artwork that they have collected over the years that is meaningful to them. Frames can really make a piece look dated. Try modernizing artwork by updating the frame. This is also a great way to create a gallery wall with multiple pieces you already one. Selecting similar frames will create a clean, cohesive look.
down2earth Interior Design - spring refresh - painting of flowers in ornate gold frame and simple frame with mat

If you’d like to give one or several of these ideas a try, but would appreciate some professional guidance, send us a note! Our Client Contact Form will take you to the right place.

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