Through the Eyes of a Designer: Tel Aviv

One of the amazing things about being a designer and having an opportunity to travel is getting new places and see the ways that design is approached in cultures other than our own.

My recent trip to Israel provided plenty of inspiration, and today I’d like to highlight 5 of the fresh ideas I came across in Tel Aviv.

1. Art Maroc

My friend Jennifer has split her time over the past few years between Philly and Tel Aviv.   She knew I was into design and pointed me towards Shabazzi Street in the Neve Tzedek neighborhood in southwestern Tel Aviv, Israel.

First stop, Art Maroc, a store specializing in Moroccan Imports at 38 Shabazzi Street.

During my visit in July of 2015, the store featured these beautiful painted ceramic pieces:

Also spotted was this gorgeous turquoise sequined market bag.   I was tempted to bring it back to the U.S. and flaunt like a peacock with these blue/green spangles over my shoulder.


2. Badim

The next stop was also on Shabazzi Street.

Badim features throw pillow galore!

3. Gaudi –Inspired Building

As I drove by this apartment building in Tel Aviv, commonly referred to as “crazy house,” I looked like a crazy person, hanging out the passenger window of a car taking pictures for my down2earth design blog.

This gaudi-esque building was designed by architect Leon Geneva in 1985 and is located at 181 HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv, Israel.


4. Ethnic Tile Everywhere!

Installed on Steps and Building Walls, and in a great shop in Old Yafo (highlighted in previous blog post.   See previous post, click here.


5. Don’t forget about the ceiling

Big open spaces, like this food court in the Ben Gurion Airport, can look empty and sterile without something dynamic going on up above.

What better way to fill the space in an airport than with artistically placed paper airplanes?


Hope you also found some inspiration from these pictures!

I will be sharing more of my adventures from Jerusalem and beyond in the next down2earth blog post!

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