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Your Favorite Color as Interior Design Inspiration

Most people you ask have a favorite color. And for many, it is a longtime love. Sure, trends can sway us in one direction or another, but when you consider a color as a feeling, it’s less about influence and more about basic fascination. For some reason, asking someone their favorite color is as common as inquiring about their best-loved food, song or film. Perhaps it is because we think it tells us so much about their personality. Even more revealing is the reason why they love that shade. We talk about color a lot in our work here at D2E, but this time we’re going to turn the tables on ourselves and showcase what we love.

Amy Cuker, Interior Designer

Amy Cuker

Interior Designer


Purple is the color of imagination. For that reason, and because it is distinctive, it is also the color of my front door. While there is no purple in the d2e logo, the shape was inspired by a crocus, the brave little flower that is the harbinger of spring. The first crocuses sometimes get snowed on, and yet they bring me so much cheer when I see them. These purple bedspreads convey that same “spring has sprung” cheerfulness.

favorite color - down2earth Interior Design - child's bedroom with purple quilts

Photo by Kacey Gilpin and design by Bailey Austin Design

And yet as much as purple can convey the hope and new life associated with spring time, purple can also be deep and moody as in this aubergine library.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - plum painted built in shelves

Design by Michelle Plachter Design


Jillian Moskovitz, Design Consultant

Jillian Moskovitz

Design Consultant


The color blue has always been a favorite of mine. Whether it’s a familiar pair of jeans or a clear sky on a beautiful day, I find the color to be both calming and beautiful. I especially like using blue in home decor. My favorite rooms usually consist of neutral furnishings with color added and layered in to provide depth and interest. With a white built-in and gray sofa in my family room, I brought in blue through the rug, art and decor. The rich color sets the stage for bright green plants and pops of pink sprinkled throughout the room.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - family room with blue art rugs and pillows.

Photo by Rebecca McAlpin. and design by down2earth Interior Design

While it’s used in a more subtle way in my family room, blue works just as well as a bold statement. In our client’s breakfast room, a blue patterned wallpaper is the backdrop for a stunning Laci Fowler painting. Pairing various shades of blue always works in my book and it’s a look that continues to feel both fresh and inviting.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - blue wallpaper and art

Photo by Rebecca McAlpin and design by down2earth Interior Design


Stephanie Ebner, Design Consultant

Stephanie Ebner

Design Consultant

Sage Green

As a nature lover, greens will always be my favorite color, but an earthy sage green with a touch of blue takes the top spot. Its versatility allows it to complement various design palettes, from rustic to contemporary and is a great way to add a little bit of color to a space if you aren’t a fan of bolder colors. It’s soft, earthy hue feels connected to nature and fosters a sense of peace and serenity.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - sage green marble sink on left and living room on right

Image credits: (L) @alexander_andco via Instagram (R) @brennamorganinteriors via Instagram


Avigail Cohen Sorek, Design Consultant

Avigail Cohen Sorek

Design Consultant

Bottle Green

As a designer, I favor bottle green for interiors due to its ability to evoke a sense of serenity and connection with nature, creating a welcoming and calming atmosphere that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of the space.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - bottle green walls and cabinetry in a sink area.

Image from Marco van den Berg. Wall color Green Smoke from Farrow & Ball


Tara Kingsley, Operations Manager

Tara Kingsley

Operations Manager

Deep Green

Green is one of the more versatile colors, in my opinion. It can be as sweet as a Ladurée macaron box, or mint chip ice cream, but also rich or even dramatic. While I love green in all its forms, I must admit that lately I’ve been obsessing over a deep forest or myrtle green. The latter has just the slightest tinge of blue, which gives it a certain elegance. I love the jewel box quality it lends to the living room below. And since I’m a gem admirer, this scratches both itches!

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - myrtle green painted built in shelves and velvet sofa with pink pillows.

Image from Melanie Jade Design

One thing I love about green is that it can be moody without being glum. To that end, I covet a deep green kitchen. You get coziness and sophistication all at once! Imagine welcoming friends or family around this kitchen island, candles lit, and some great food. No matter the tone, green always makes me feel happy and content, which is most definitely what I want my home design to do for me.

Favorite Color - down2earth Interior Design - deep green kitchen cabinetry and range hood.

Image from Mayfair Wrapping

It’s funny and very appropriate that the majority of the team considers green their favorite color. We take sustainability seriously here at down2earth Interior Design, and strive to apply the most environmentally responsible or “green” solutions to our designs. If you’d like to talk about introducing any of these colors, or your personal favorite into your home, reach out to us via our website, and complete the Client Contact Form. We’d love to hear from you!

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