Paris Through The Eyes Of A Designer Part I

Part 1: Snacks and Shopping


This travel design journal has been put together by d2e designer Emily Lambrow.


When thinking of stylish cities LA, NY, London all comes to mind but Paris seems to stand above them all. The Parisians have an eye for detail and that is clear by just walking through the streets of Paris.



Not only is the exteriors architecture impressive but the interiors as well. From the bakeries to the clothing stores, it seemed as though every item was meticulously placed and displayed with care. A popular hot spot in Paris is the famous Ladurée. The bakery was established in 1862 and is known for their yummy Macaroons. Even if you do not have a sweet tooth it is worth a visit to see their impressive décor.

Display window at Ladurée at 21 Rue Bonaparte. This store is just south of the Louvre on the south side of the Seine.

Customers can either purchase goods at the counter or sit and order ing the dining area. The dining area in this Ladurée is very impressive with Chinese inspired murals filling the walls and palm tree columns. The large skylight overhead fills the room with nature light giving the customer the feeling of being outside enjoying the sweets and tea.

Ladurée at 21 Rue Bonaparte.

Parisians seem to have an eye for style. It is refreshing to see care put into store display. Much like the job of an interior designer, these merchants are creating a pleasing environment for their customers while being able to show off and sell their goods. Paris is a beautiful city full of inspiration for all!


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