Through The Eyes Of A Designer Part II


This travel design journal has been put together by d2e designer Emily Lambrow.


Paris is a stylish city filled with a fascinating history but the Parisians also keep up with modern trends. This is clear in their architecture and interior design. The juxtaposition between the historic and contemporary architecture is beautiful. The best example of this is the Louvre.


The world’s largest museum, home to the Mona Lisa and much more, this grand Palace was original built as a fortress in the 12th century. Today the Louvre is not just a museum but also a mall and subway stop.


When visiting the Louvre it is clear it is the 21st century because of the large glass pyramids protruding above and beneath the ground level. This modern structure against the original Parisian architecture of the Palace makes for the perfect juxtaposition.

Classic Parisian architecture is known for its large French windows with wrought iron railing, mansard roof and dormer windows. The style has been an inspiration for designers all over the world.

The photograph below | Tuileries Garden: View from our apartment rental.




An iconic building in Philadelphia is inspired by Parisian design, City Hall [Photo from Wikipedia ], smack dab in the center of the city. The dormer windows and mansard roof stands strong against the glass skyscrapers.



In 1977 Centre George Pompidou opened its door. It is home to a public information library as well as the Museum of National Art, the largest museum for modern art in Europe. It is nicknamed the inside out building because of its design. All of the buildings plumbing, electrical, HVAC, elevators, escalators and stairs are on the exterior of the building. This design allows for the entire interior of the building to be used for living space. Pompidou is an interesting building that also adds architectural diversity to Paris.


Louvre from the south of the Seine.


Paris has much more to offer then old museums and chateaus. It is a city that continues to grow and evolve but at the same time it will keep its beautiful history.
Its culture is rich and it has been a great inspiration to many designers and will continue to be.

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