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Tell us about your project.

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Space Planning
Furniture and Finish Recommendations
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My timeline is:

Urgent*: (eg. construction is already underway, hosting a holiday in a few months)
Timely: I imagine completing the design process in a couple of months, and then beginning construction or purchasing.
Flexible: I want to get it right and recognize that thoughtful design takes time.
* Please note, while we try to move quickly we are not able to accommodate urgent design requests.

When it comes to your home how decisive are you:

Once I make a decision I move forward and don't revisit unless there are extenuating circumstances.
I like to revisit and reconsider my options many times during the process.

Furniture purchasing:

I prefer to do much of the purchasing myself.
I expect the designer to do all product purchasing on my behalf.

My commitment to green design is:

I don't feel strongly about it one-way or the other.
It would be nice to incorporate some sustainable strategies but not at the expense of other priorities.
It is important to me to incorporate sustainable design strategies in my project wherever possible.

Have you worked with an Interior Designer before:

Not yet!
Yes, and we loved it!
Yes, but it wasn’t what we hoped for.

Anything not covered that you want to share?: