Introduction to Our Process

Amy has been wonderful to work with, and she has lived up to the name of her business as she is truly down-to-earth, listens to us, and makes the whole process fun. We plan on having her help us with many more decorating projects and renovations.

Happy Horsham Homeowners

Introduction to Our Process

The designers at down2earth interior design begin each project by trying to understand your vision.   Through a collaborative process involving discussions and image review, we seek to uncover what inspires our clients.   We discuss your goals for your space, and how you want it to feel once the design process is complete.   There is no signature “down2earth Interior Design” style of design.   Instead, we are conduits for your own personal style.   Our signature is the way we work – by being good listeners and collaborators, and by offering educated guidance to help you make the best choices for your interior.

The Project Begins

Each project begins with a site visit. We seek to understand the opportunities and constraints of a space and the functions it will accommodate.  Seeing your space in person is crucial to understanding context, views, daylight, connections between rooms – all the little details that make your home or workplace unique.   During our first visit, we typically take photos, document existing furniture pieces that may remain, and take dimensions of the space so we can hit the ground running with design shortly after our visit.


This first visit is also a great opportunity for face to face communication.   We will be discussing the project scope that’s right for you, and how hands-on you would like us to be in terms of project management. You are trusting us to translate your desires into a physical reality, so you you’ll want to know that we “get it.”   After our face to face visit, you will feel assured that we understand your vision and the project scope.

Design Phase

Now it’s time to move forward with design. First, we create dimensioned plans and elevations for each space, and test various layouts.   During this first pass, design is purposely sketchy – these drawings should serve as a basis for a conversation about what layout makes the most sense.   We’ll set up a project phone call to discuss pros and cons of each layout, and then refine your space plan.

The Real Fun Begins – Time to Shop

Once your space plan is established, we do product research to fulfill the agreed-upon room configuration and also your aesthetic and functional goals. We deliver detailed furniture and finish proposals to you through a combination of electronic and hard-copy mediums.   For any items where comfort is crucial, we will source items from places where you can take a test drive. Shopping trips to showrooms are also frequently included in this phase, whether it’s a cabinetry showroom for a kitchen redesign project, tile and fixture showrooms for bathrooms, or rug and lighting showrooms for a living room. If custom upholstery or drapery is needed, we’ll provide you with quotes from our vendors as well, and we will never mark-up product. We will introduce you to the most knowledgeable and service-oriented vendors in the area.

Design Implementation

Once we’ve established the products and design elements that will fulfill your vision, it may be time for you to hire a contractor or tradespeople implement the design.   We are happy to provide you with names, where applicable, of tradespeople who may be a good fit for your project.   We are also happy to be in touch with building professionals you already know and trust.  Although we do not provide construction management services, there are other ways we can assist during the implementation phase:

  • Want to know if you’re getting competitive contractor pricing? Feel free to take our proposals and get multiple quotes.
  • Want to know the ecological pedigree of a product?   We’ll find out.
  • Want us to come back at the end of the project with a trunk full of accessories to stage the room and give it that polished, pulled-together look? Happy to do it.

Our design process gets you off and running,
in a manner that’s right for your lifestyle.


Talk to us…we listen.