About This Project


The Coffee Room offers quality coffee and unique tea beverages (turmeric chai latte anyone?).  More than that, it is intended as a gathering place for the walkable and picturesque community of Newtown, Pennsylvania.


Down2Earth Interior Design was brought into the design process after permit plans were already developed by an architect and commercial kitchen consultants weighed in on the coffee preparation area.   Our job was to create an atmosphere that captured the ethos of the Coffee Room brand:  elegance that is simple and warm.


As a coffee purist, Coffee Room owner Margaret Kumar was inspired by Scandinavian design, which has a spare elegance that was analogous to the approach she would be taking with the selection and presentation of the product.   As an interior designer, Amy Cuker loved the exposed brick and wanted to find a way to incorporate the history of the building into the finished interior.  We put these visions together, and the aesthetic for the Coffee Room’s interior began to be realized.


The soothing color palette, simple box cut-outs for display, and pale wood benches all reference Scandinavian design.   While the exposed brick, repurposed furniture, a reused newspaper rack, and caged light fixtures give a raw, DIY vibe that relates form to function for this coffee shop interior.   The bathroom features a reclaimed teak counter, bead board, brick wallpaper, industrial lighting, and a sleek vessel sink.  Pops of color are achieved through fun orange light fixtures, posters highlighting the history of coffee, and rotating art exhibits, which may feature work by different members of the community.   And if customers want to do some people watching instead, prime counter seating options are available at the bay window overlooking State Street.


When we are designing commercial spaces here at Down2Earth Interior Design, we are always keenly aware of concerns around maintenance and durability.   Flooring, backsplash, and counter materials are all designed to wear and clean well for many years.  Menus are written on chalkboards so that changes over time can be easily accommodated.  We expect great things for the Coffee Room and can’t wait to see how their business evolves in the years to come.


Photo credit:  Laura Pedrick

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