About This Project


Mulhern + Kulp Structural Engineering, based in Ambler PA, specializes in structural engineering for both residential and commercial projects, offering design, analysis, inspection, and consultation services. In 2018, they relocated their headquarters to Ambler Yards, a revitalized industrial site turned into a vibrant, LEED certificated community hub. Formerly an old BASF plant, their building retains industrial features like exposed ceilings and brick, adding lots of character to the space. However, the abundance of white walls prompted Mulhern + Kulp to seek ways to liven up the blank canvas. That’s where our interior design services came in!


Our goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere and reinforce the company’s brand identity. This involved incorporating the brand’s colors throughout the interior design of the space, which we accomplished by adding a color block design in the vestibule and accent walls. To add vibrancy and softness, we introduced greenery, like a plant wall featuring a neon-lit logo in the stairwell. This not only served as a visual focal point, but also helped absorb sound in the open stairwell, lessening noise transmission between floors.


Additionally, we sought to showcase the company’s culture and achievements. In the lobby, we designed a magnetic map of the United States, allowing Mulhern + Kulp to mark locations as they expand nationwide. The rusty map gives a nod to the industrial character of the existing building and helps to add some warmth. On a large brick wall we created a gallery to display their licenses and certifications. Another gallery wall in the lobby showcases photos from company events, celebrating their culture and accomplishments.


In the basement, our focus was on designing a versatile lounge area suitable for various company activities, including meetings, lunch breaks, and employee jam sessions. To inject vibrancy and comfort into the space, we introduced bold pops of color and adorned bleacher-style seating with colorful cushions.


Working with a local artist, we created a ghost mural of the company logo on the building’s exterior. This technique involves painting the logo in a subtle, faded manner, adding an artistic touch to the facade while paying homage to the building’s character and history. Inside, after passing through the now colorful vestibule, a backlit logo sign welcomes visitors. We added playful coffee bar signs to enhance the space’s welcoming ambiance. All of these interior design elements work together to create a space that is fun and functional for employees and visitors alike!

commercial, down 2 earth interior design