About This Project


When a person is faced with the loss of a limb, it can feel like the end of a road. The rehabilitation therapists at Prosthetic Innovations in Essington, PA know that once a person adapts to living with the custom designed and fabricated prosthetic limbs that they create, a new journey is actually beginning for their clients.


Prosthetic Innovations asked Down2earth Interior Design to create designs for their space that convey the message of a journey beginning. An area off the lobby is one of the main rehabilitation therapy areas, and we proposed eagles soaring in the double height space. An eagle in flight conveys freedom of movement. Not only is Prosthetic Innovations located just a few miles from where the Philadelphia Eagles play, but more importantly, many of their clients are veterans who lost limbs fighting for our country, and we felt the American eagle was a way to honor their patriotism. This space also incorporates a wall showing a giant graphic of wings, made up of prosthetic components. Clients can pose with their new limbs against this wall for Instagram shots so they can share an image of their journey with their loved ones.


The objective in the patient corridor is to tell inspirational client stories in a “Hall of Champions” format. We also propose graphic identifiers to provide distinctive landmarking for each therapy room and communicate stories of hope. In the casting rooms, we propose graphics and graphic display methods to illuminate the casting process to clients and help demystify the technology. Finally, keeping spirits lifted is important not only for clients but for staff as well. In the staff areas, we are proposing graphics to provide sense of mission and to enliven décor.


It is so gratifying to work on an interior design project for an organization with such an important mission – one that aids in the restoration of personal mobility and hope.