Fitler Square feature in The Philadelphia Inquirer

Lots of people say to me, “I’m not creative at all.   That’s why I need your design assistance.”    Creativity comes in all shapes and forms, and many folks are a lot more creative than they give themselves credit for.   Every now and then, I come across a homeowner who is already living a truly creative life, often as a maker or a collector, and just needs that professional help to arrive at functional layouts for their home.   In addition to space planning and casework design, our clients benefit from our knowledge of interior design sources and connection to great products.   And that is exactly the role the Down2Earth Interior Design team played when assisting our client, Tamara Harris, with the redesign of her Fitler Square rowhome.

Tammy is an artist, with a loom and a woodworking studio in her home.

Not only that, Tammy has amazing collections from near and far, and they are featured prominently in her home.   Here’s a shot of some of the wall art and a carved wood piece in her living room:

You can read about these pieces and see photos in the Philadelphia Inquirer piece featured here.

While these artful pieces provide character in Tammy’s living spaces, bathrooms needed to be designed from scratch, and kitchen finishes needed to be selected.   Window treatments, rugs, lounge furniture, and paint colors were other finishing touches we were able to help with.   Below, we’d like to share some of the design renderings we created for Tammy, and share some images of the finished space with you as well.

The Master Suite:

If you take a look at the Philadelphia Inquirer’s photo of the master bedroom, you’ll see a total of four colorful tapestries that Tammy purchased in Canada.   We worked with the window treatment vendor, Ambiance Design, to have these made into art that could hang on each of the four closet doors.

In addition to the tapestries on the closet doors, custom window treatments and wallpaper on the headboard wall create a charming space.

The Inquirer bedroom photo also offers a peek into the master bathroom.   Below is the rendering we created to explore how we could use accent tile as a feature in this luxurious shower.

down2earth interior design moodboard (left) and real life design implementation (right)

The powder room is a quirky bathroom where we got to play with some more patterned tile in our design:

down2earth interior design moodboard


And speaking of pattern, check out this fabulous patterned wallpaper that Tammy chose (on her own) for her entry vestibule.   We think it’s the ultimate finishing touch.


We hope you enjoyed this peek into one artist’s unique home, and remember, you can read more about it in the paper!

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