Philadelphia Magazine Feature, “Art of the Home Office”

How do you carve out an at-home ­workspace that will help you stay on task and keep you feeling professional — even on days when you never get out of your bathrobe?   That’s the question posed in this month’s Philadelphia Magazine (December 2020 edition).

Philadelphia Magazine December

Philadelphia Magazine December Cover

When Philadelphia Magazine’s deputy editor Sarah Zlotnick reached out to us for her piece on the “Art of the Home Office,” she was looking for home office spaces that were a bit unconventional.  The idea was that, in the era of the pandemic, so many people are working from home much more now.   Not only that, they may continue to do so even after the pandemic is over.   So how can you do that in a creative and beautiful way that will support your productivity?

One of the categories she was investigating was the idea of a “hidden” office.  She suggested maybe it was an office in a closet, or hidden behind a piece of furniture, but as soon as she suggested that, I knew we had a great one to share with the readers of Philly Mag:  the home office designed by down2earth interior design consultant Jillian Moskovitz for her husband Darren.   It’s hidden behind a bookcase, and you’d never know it was there unless you looked for it.

Hidden Home Office

Hidden Home Office. Photo credit: Rebecca McAlpin

The objects on the bookcase are fairly light and secured with some wax so they don’t fall off when the door swings.   Furthermore, the shelves add a little bit of extra sound proofing to the office behind.

I’ve had the honor to team up with Jillian on her home design before, and you can see highlights of that collaboration here:

Project Spotlight: Summit Ave

Designing custom casework takes a good bit of knowledge and expertise, and after our collaboration on the laundry room and pantry in Jillian’s home, Jillian had the confidence to tackle these elaborate family room built-ins, along with the custom office desk and shelving for the next phase of her home renovation.

Inside the Hidden Home Office. Photo credit: Rebecca McAlpin

Inside the Hidden Home Office. Photo credit: Rebecca McAlpin

You can see more of Jillian’s home featured here:

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In addition to focusing in on privacy, “The Art of the Home Office” article also provides tips on office interior design for when you need something camera-ready, want to convert your basement, have a room you aren’t really using, need a space that can do double duty, or if you’ll be working remotely 100% of the time.   I also provide tips on great furniture resources and tips for avoiding eye strain when working at your screen all day.   So check out the issue on newsstands now, and here’s a little sneak peek. >


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