National Splurge Day, D2E Shares Our Top 10 Picks

Everywhere we look, we are seeing changes in our society.   People have been hit by disease and financial uncertainty and inequality.  While many folks see interior design as a luxury that only the rich can afford, interior design is everywhere and has the ability to improve the lives of people of all segments of society.   For the first decade of Amy’s career, she spent her days designing for hospitals and public schools, and educating young designers at the Boston Architectural College, which is tuition free.  When we look to evidence-based design, we can demonstrate how design interventions are both a win for human health and well-being and can also be a win for the pocketbook.

However, it is also true that some of the most eye-catching design out there tends to be priced above what most can afford, and with a growing gap between the haves and the have nots, this may be more true than ever.   It is our hope that by sharing some of the pieces most admired by the down2earth interior design team, we are not contributing to a sense of elitism, but rather providing inspiration:  many of the design elements we see in the super-high-end interiors market may instruct us on how to innovate and bring joy, beauty, function, and sustainability to all.   After all, we’ve been forced to spend more time at home than ever, and we all deserve for our spaces to be full of joy and comfort.

And so, with that in mind, we bring you our picks for National Splurge Day, which is today, June 18th.  As a design team we are always on the lookout for what is new in the interior design industry.  That means finding new designers and artisans and looking at products from high-end sources to very reasonable sources, national and international sources, and everything in between!

So, for our June Top 10 list, we got our entire down2earth team together to share 2 items we each love with all our hearts.  You will notice that our team members did not just pick items for their beauty (although there are many beauties in there) but for sustainability, comfort, and the ability to support artisans and artists.   We think these down2earth splurges will inspire our best design thinking for our clients and may give you design inspiration too:

Amy’s Picks:

Vola Faucet

We all know the days of chrome-only bathroom fixtures are long gone.   Aged bronze, satin gold, polished nickel, and matte black have long been faucet finishes that we have enjoyed exploring for our bathroom designs here at down2earth interior design.   But what about having a little more fun with your faucets?  Ever since I saw these colorful Italian faucets at Flow Kitchen and Bath  in Glenside, I haven’t stopped thinking about them.

My favorite colors are the bold primaries and secondaries (red, orange, yellow, green and blue), but the orange was the first to catch my eye.   I classify them as a splurge because they clock in at over $1000.   Also, the color you choose today might not grow with you and your taste over time – but then again, it just might!

Modalero Credenza in Oregon Black Walnut

Spending over $6000 on a credenza is not usually my thing.   And not usually my clients’ thing either.  But when you think about how a truly beautiful piece of furniture can double as art, you realize you are getting more bang for your buck.   What I love about this piece is the organic shape and finish of the natural black walnut juxtaposed with the sleek white epoxy finish on the rest of the piece.   All the Modalero credenzas are different, depending on the shape and size of the wood slab and grain characteristics, so, like art, you are assured that the piece is one of a kind. And what a showstopper!


Jillian’s Picks: 

Eames Lounge and Ottoman

Talk about splurge — this is it. So pricey (between $5500 and $8000) but so pretty. For years I’ve loved the clean lines and beauty of this Eames lounge chair and ottoman along with the contrast between the leather and wood. It would add personality and style to any room.

Artwork from an up-and-coming artist

I firmly believe that art makes a house a home and finding a piece that you love and can look at day in and day out is a wonderful thing. There are so many talented artists out there, but my current favorite is Emeline Leyens. I especially love her use of color and layered technique using both paint and oil pastels. Pretty in photos, stunning in person.


Stephanie’s Picks: 

Avocado Mattress

Not only are Avocado mattresses highly rated for comfort and quality, but they have a long list of reasons why they are good for you and the environment! They use safe & non-toxic materials that have received STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®: Class 1 certification. They are Greenguard Gold certified which means they meet some of the world’s most rigorous emission standards and Avocado is also a carbon negative business. They offset more than 100% of their emissions from resource extraction to shipping. King Mattress w/ Topper: $2500


Swingrest Hanging Lounger

Who doesn’t love a giant outdoor lounging swing?! Dedon has been crushing the outdoor furniture game for 29 years now and have really set the standard for quality woven outdoor furniture. While you lounge in this giant swing you can relax knowing that their fibers are 100% recyclable and sustainably made. Their entire supply chain produces zero waste and everything is recycled down to the aluminum shavings. Depending on the specs this set up could run you a splurgetastic  $7,000+


Maria’s Picks: 

Sarza Waterfall Rectangular Chandelier

This stunning Sarza Waterfall Rectangular Chandelier is handmade. Each clay bead is hand rolled, kiln fired, then dip dyed before being individually strung onto a wrought iron frame. The entire light is handmade in South Africa by a local community in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. To read more about the handmade story, click here.

Photo of Artisan Women in South Africa from Sarza.

It is understandable that it costs $4,485 its truly a showstopping piece, I’d love it for my dining room!


Zellige Morrocan Blue Tile

You may recall from a blog post on my recent trip to Morocco (read more, click here) how I visited a cooperative that hand crafted the most beautiful zellige tile. I still dream about that tile.

It would look amazing in my master bath’s shower stall. At $18.85 a square foot from Zia Tile, cost would run up quickly. But it is oh so gorgeous.

I love how each tile is perfectly imperfect and handmade! Check out a beautiful bathroom inspiration below.


Arielle’s Picks: 

Brass Pot Filler

We love our brass pot filler. Not only is it an aesthetically pleasing focal point, but it is incredibly functional. No more lifting heavy potfuls of water for soups, stews, and pasta! Check out the Newport Brass Seager Wall Mount Pot Filler in Satin Gold >

Floor Heating

Photo: Marmot Heating

When we renovated our master bathroom, we decided to splurge on in floor heating. It was the best money we’ve ever spent. Tile tends to be very cold and who wants to get out of the warm shower and step onto ice?!? Not me, that’s for sure! My feet are warm and toasty all year long!


While we understand that we can’t always splurge, it is always great to be on the lookout for inspiration.  Check out our other recent blog post on Amy’s interior design tips to get the look for less >

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