Supporting Our Small Businesses thru COVID

I love doing interior design work for other small businesses.   My clients and I often are able to share a similar perspective about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and we relate to each other’s challenges.   And no time is more challenging for owners of small businesses here in Philadelphia than this pandemic.   With an inability to serve our customers in person, we are all trying to adapt the way we do things in order to continue to keep the lights on, support our team members, and do the meaningful work that drove us to start our businesses in the first place.

So, today, we here at down2earth interior design would like to highlight some of the creative ways our Philly-area business clients have been managing to keep their businesses going during the COVID-19 crisis.  Please support them so they can come back strong and be there to continue to do the great work they do!

D’Iyanu in Norristown, PA

D’Iyanu makes modern clothing in stunning African Prints.   Please check out their website and social here: Website | Instagram

Guess what!   They have now turned their eye-catching textiles into face masks with pockets which will allow you to insert PM2.5 filters for added protection!   Each mask will come with 1 complimentary PM2.5 filter.   For each mask purchased, D’Iyanu will donate a medical mask to a local hospital. Price:  $14.99| bundle prices will be available.


Peruse some of their fabulous fashions too, and while you’re learning more about D’Iyanu, we’d love to call attention to some of our interior design work for the D’Iyanu showroom.   We had so much fun working on this project.  Check out our moodboards here:

Diyanu Showroom Commercial Interior Design Concept from Down2earth Interior Design

Diyanu Showroom Commercial Interior Design Concept from Down2earth Interior Design


Terrace Street Bakery in the Manayunk (Philadephia, PA):

Terrace Street just opened in 2019, and owner Erica is up bright and early almost every day baking away to make her new business a success.   She’s offering her yummy desserts, as well as breakfast and lunch foods, for takeout if you call ahead.  Call 267-437-4613 to pay over the phone for pick up or find Terrace Street Bakery (Website | Instagram) on @grubhub @ubereats and @doordash

As the name would imply, you can find them at 3862 Terrace St in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia; just look for the snazzy teal stripe on the façade:

Terrace Street Bakery, Manayunk Phladelphia PA

Wouldn’t a lemon scone be a lovely change of pace in your breakfast routine?  Or how about a gooey sandwich for lunch?

Terrace Street Bakery Food

And if you have a birthday celebrator in your life whose party is pooped, you can always order one of Erica’s amazing cakes:

Terrace Street Bakery Manayunk Cakes

Once life returns to normal, please consider staying for a longer period of time.   Our interior design for this bakery has been partially realized in the fun colors and sprinkle motif throughout.

Inside Terrace Street Bakery Manayunk

Terrace Street Bakery Interior Design Concepts by Down2earth Interior Design

Terrace Street Bakery Interior Design Concepts by Down2earth Interior Design

The Coffee Room in Newtown, PA

Usually the Coffee Room is abuzz with neighbors bumping into one another while enjoying a cappuccino and biscotti. Others conduct work meetings. After school, young friends gather for drinks, food and conversation.  Because of the pandemic, the doors are currently closed, but the Coffee Room is selling bags of Counter Culture direct trade coffee to energize you during your quarantine.

The Coffee Room Newtown, PA selling coffee during COVID

You can send an email to  to see what they have in stock and arrange a pickup.  Also, they have started a barista relief fund! Donate here –

Visit their Website | Instagram

Check out some shots of our interior design of the café:

The Coffee Room Newtown Interior Design by D2E

The Coffee Room Newtown Interior Design by D2E

The Coffee Room Newtown Interior Design by D2E

And when we’re able to get out into the world again, my band, BCX, often plays at “Music on the Street” in the summers on State Street in Newtown, right across from the Coffee Room.   Come reacquaint yourself with your neighbors and hear some music and get some coffee at the Coffee Room while you’re there!

BCX Performs at the Coffee Room in Newtown, PA


Carrie’s Essential Services in the Mainline Area outside of Philadelphia:

And finally, I would like to highlight the amazing work of my dear friend, professional organizer Carrie Kauffman.  Carrie Kauffman knows how to help you get your S*** together, and she doesn’t only work her magic in person.

Visit Carrie’s Website | Instragram

Let me tell you about Carrie’s ability to help you get organized – even via facetime! During this quarantine, it has become more important than ever that my home office is organized. I have this file drawer next to my desk that is the most convenient place to store things, but it was busting at the seams with paper. I was so intimidated by that paper that I couldn’t even bring myself to start going through it. That’s where the one and only Carrie Kauffman comes in. One by one, we went through the folders, while she was in her home and I was in mine, and she asked me, “Do you really need that?” “What for?” until my drawers went from busting to having room to breathe. Did I really need medical files from 2002? Not really. Thanks to Carrie, I now have reminders in my calendar for when I need to renew crucial certifications and I feel such a sense of relief. You will thank yourself if you let Carrie help you get organized while you have this rare time at home!


Whether it’s manufacturing awesome masks like D’Iyanu, offering yummy food and drink for pick-up like Terrace Street Bakery and the Coffee Room, or having virtual consults like those from Carrie’s Essential Service and Down2Earth Interior Design, we’re all trying to find ways to serve our customers with excellence during this crisis.  Thank you for supporting our small business as well as these other wonderful establishments.   We are rooting for all of you Philly business owners out there, and everyone to stay safe!


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